Intensive treatment
of the scalp

In addition to promoting the penetration of nutrients, it also stimulates the scalp promoting the increase of metabolism and improvement of cellular activity.

The iontoforese caused by ionniz® presents various functions on the scalp.
  • Acts as catalysts of intracellular biochemical reactions
  • Accelerates the synthesis of ATP by mitochondria
  • Activates protein production
  • Accentuates the transport of amino acids
  • Increases tissue oxygen uptake
  • Promotes cell membrane permeability
  • Activates metabolic changes
  • Stimulates fibroblast activity
  • Accelerates the synthesis of dermal and epidermal collagen

Capillary Ionization

The dissociation provided by IONNIZ®, which has been developed and patented by DERMIUS® engineering and innovation department, facilitates the passage of active principles through the scalp, cell membrane and pilosebaceous follicles, allowing better absorption and penetration, aided by the exclusive accessories that have been developed for the equipment.

“We are moved by the challenges”

Pedro Ricardo Paulino – CEO


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