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  • CMR-Cosmetics-Keratin-Formaldehyde-Free-Keratin-Hair-Treatment-Queratin-Protein-The-Best-Hair-Smoothing-Treatment-Straig-B09JB74Z4F.jpg
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CMR Cosmetics Keratin Formaldehyde-Free Keratin Hair Treatment Queratin Protein The Best Hair Smoothing Treatment Straightening For Silky Smooth & Frizz Free Hair FL OZ/32(Pack of 1)


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CMR Keratin FREE Formaldehyde is the molecular building block of human beauty-without this fibrous protein, humans wouldn’t have nails hard enough to polish, tooth enamel sturdy enough to withstand weekly brushings, or hair lush enough to style. Within each strand of hair, chains of keratin can be arranged in different molecular patterns, and this variation is what gives each head of hair its unique texture. For those who find their hair’s unique texture a pain to deal with every morning, those keratin bonds can be chemically rearranged with popular salon treatment. NEED A TOOL KIT? Cape, clips, brush/comb, gloves and more.. search Amazon for For B07XLVCN3 .Professional use, read all instructions & warnings prior to buying and using the product. The application process may take 90-150 minutes depending on hair length and skill. During the application the treatment when heated releases fumes that may irritate your eyes & breathing. Please perform a sample test prior to fully applying the product on the hair. Wear gloves and work in a wel from Brazilian.

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