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CMR COSMETICS Muru Muru & Marula Sulfate-Free Shampoo


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A Marula sulfate-free shampoo is designed to provide a gentler and more nourishing cleansing experience. It typically includes marula oil as one of its key ingredients. Marula oil is derived from the marula nut, which is native to the southern regions of Africa. This oil is rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and other beneficial nutrients that can help to:

  1. Hydrate and moisturize the hair: Marula oil helps to lock in moisture and prevent hair from becoming excessively dry, making it a good choice for individuals with dry or damaged hair.
  2. Reduce frizz: The hydrating properties of marula oil can help to tame frizz and improve the overall texture of the hair.
  3. Protect against environmental damage: The antioxidants in marula oil help to shield the hair from damage caused by environmental stressors, such as UV rays and pollution.
  4. Enhance shine and manageability: Marula oil can add a healthy sheen to the hair and make it more manageable.
  5. Prevent color fading: Sulfate-free shampoos, in general, are considered gentler on color-treated hair, and when combined with marula oil, they can help extend the life of hair color.

It’s important to note that sulfate-free shampoos may not produce as much lather as those containing sulfates, but this doesn’t impact their ability to cleanse effectively. Marula sulfate-free shampoo is a good choice for those who want to promote healthier and more vibrant hair while avoiding the potential drawbacks of sulfates. Always check the product label for specific ingredients and instructions on how to use the shampoo for the best results.

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