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  1. After the hair has been rinsed off the color or bleach, the stylist will apply Uniplex C to the hair.
  2. It’s then left on the hair for a specific amount of time to allow it to work its magic. The duration may vary based on the stylist’s recommendations and the condition of the hair.
  3. Uniplex C helps to strengthen and repair broken hair bonds that may have been damaged during the chemical process.
  4. After the treatment time, the hair is rinsed, and the process is usually followed by a conditioning treatment to lock in the benefits.


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Uniplex C is part of the Uniplex haircare system, which is designed to help repair and protect hair that has been damaged by chemical treatments and styling. is commonly used in salons, especially during hair coloring and bleaching processes, to minimize damage and maintain the hair’s health.

Uniplex C is often referred to as the “Bond Perfector.” It is a professional product that is typically used in salons by hair professionals, and it is not meant for at-home use.  Is applied after the hair has undergone a chemical treatment, such as hair coloring or bleaching.

Uniplex is known for its ability to repair and strengthen hair, making it look and feel healthier, even after extensive color or bleaching processes.

It’s important to note that Uniplex C is not a product for at-home use, and it should be applied by a professional in a salon setting.

For at-home haircare, there are other products available, such as Uniplex M, which is designed for regular maintenance and can be used by consumers to help keep their hair in good condition between salon treatments.


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