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Here’s a typical process involving Uniplex R in a salon setting:

  1. Uniplex R is mixed with the hair dye or bleach by a professional stylist.
  2. The mixture is applied to the hair as part of the coloring or bleaching process.
  3. After processing, the hair is rinsed, and Uniplex C (Uniplex  Bond Perfector) is applied to further repair and strengthen the hair.
  4. The Uniplex C is left on the hair for a certain period and then rinsed out.

Uniplex R and Uniplex C work together to help protect the hair from damage and maintain its strength and health during chemical treatments. After the salon treatment, clients can also use Uniplex M at home, which is a take-home product designed for ongoing hair maintenance and repair.

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Uniplex R CMR COSMETICS is a hair care Bond Multiplier. known for its products that help protect and repair hair, particularly during and after chemical treatments, such as coloring and bleaching.

Uniplex R is typically used by professionals in salons and is not sold directly to consumers for at-home use.

It is a liquid formula that is mixed with other chemical hair treatments, like hair dye or bleach, to help prevent and repair damage to the hair’s structure.

It works by forming and strengthening disulfide bonds in the hair, which can be broken during chemical processes. This helps to minimize damage and maintain the integrity of the hair.


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